Diskerud as a #10 and other thoughts from the USA v Turkey game!

Being and RSL fan I watched the diamond being played for a while now, and I our outside backs need to watch more tape. In a way the whole team has things they need to work on if they are going to pull the diamond off. However, according to Jurgen the formation is kind of a combination of the diamond and a 4-4-2. Jurgen says that we should have a flat midfield defensively, and a … [Read more...]

What does the USMNT need to contain Cristiano Ronaldo?

ronaldo picture

I thought about calling this 'Who does the USMNT need to contain Cristiano Ronaldo?', but, obviously, defense is a team effort. It is just as important to think about formation as to think about personnel. Matthew Doyle thinks that Jurgen Klinnsman might man mark Cristiano Ronaldo, and he mentioned Maurice Edu as a candidate. Recently Landon Donovan was quoted as saying, … [Read more...]

Does High Altitude Make for a Serious Home Field Advantage in the MLS?

photo credit: Evgeni Zotov via photopin cc

Every now and then when people talk about home games for Real Salt Lake and Colorado Rapids they talk about the effect of altitude on visiting teams. Michael Bradley mentioned it when he said"[Real Salt Lake] is a good team...Obviously, playing in altitude always presents certain things you'll have to deal with and, again, we'll go on the road to a difficult place to play … [Read more...]

Review of Borg’s Instant Replay Video

IR review wk 1

So this is my review of Simon Borg's review from week two action. These aren't even all of the controversial calls, just most of them. 1. Impact's Felipe deserved a red. Being apologetic doesn't get you out of a card Felipe. 2. Yep, Impact's Bernadello should have gotten a red instead of a yellow for his cheap swipe from behind. 3. Borg is wrong. Impact's … [Read more...]

LA Galaxy Off-Season Summary

LA Galaxy Offseason Summary

If you were lost somewhere all offseason, and you just realized that you need to catch up on the LA Galaxy then this is your guide! A lot has happened. Fun side note, it was pointed out that LD is a World Cup goal scoring beast! Read more... Players Subtracted Carlo Cudicini and Michael Stephens will not return for the 2014 season. Read more... Jose Villarreal … [Read more...]

My Fantasy Team So Far

fantasy team lineup

This is my fantasy team so far. Fortunately we have unlimited transfers right now, because my lineup could really change before opening day. I think Sheanon Williams got hurt and came out of the game last night so that might have change. Irwin and Kennedy are relatively cheap, and they are known quantities that I think should only improve this year. I think E. Miller and … [Read more...]

Does RSL Need a Throw-In Specialist?

According to an article produced by Opta, they do sports statistics, the MLS uses long throw-ins in the final third more than in other leagues. The results have been that long throw-ins produce more goals and goal scoring opportunities in the MLS. The accuracy isn't higher because the defense in front of goal is general tougher, but the results are there. I understand that RSL … [Read more...]