Diskerud as a #10 and other thoughts from the USA v Turkey game!

Being and RSL fan I watched the diamond being played for a while now, and I our outside backs need to watch more tape. In a way the whole team has things they need to work on if they are going to pull the diamond off. However, according to Jurgen the formation is kind of a combination of the diamond and a 4-4-2. Jurgen says that we should have a flat midfield defensively, and a … [Read more...]

How Much Has the Brazilian Climate Affected Klinsmann’s Roster?

sweaty ref

Brad Davis's inclusion and the infusion of youth in Jurgen Klinsmann's 23-man roster could be potential explained by a healthy respect for the Brazilian climate's potential to impact a team's performance. Even though it will be winter time in Brazil everyone is planning on the heat and humidity of Brazil to play a significant role in the World Cup. The Brazilian players union … [Read more...]

What does the USMNT need to contain Cristiano Ronaldo?

ronaldo picture

I thought about calling this 'Who does the USMNT need to contain Cristiano Ronaldo?', but, obviously, defense is a team effort. It is just as important to think about formation as to think about personnel.¬†Matthew Doyle thinks that Jurgen Klinnsman might man mark Cristiano Ronaldo, and he mentioned Maurice Edu as a candidate. Recently Landon Donovan was quoted as saying, … [Read more...]

Does High Altitude Make for a Serious Home Field Advantage in the MLS?

photo credit: Evgeni Zotov via photopin cc

Every now and then when people talk about home games for Real Salt Lake and Colorado Rapids they talk about the effect of altitude on visiting teams. Michael Bradley mentioned it when he said"[Real Salt Lake] is a good team...Obviously, playing in altitude always presents certain things you'll have to deal with and, again, we'll go on the road to a difficult place to play … [Read more...]

Week 3 Game Recaps

week 3 recap

  NE 0-0 VAN With the Goncalves situation supposedly resolved Revolution earned it's first shutout of the season. However, the Rev's offense still has not been clicking on all cylinders. Vancouver's high-octane offense came up blank for the first time this season. Vancouver attempted to adjust at half time with Pedro Morales coming on for Sebastian Fernandez. … [Read more...]

Review of Borg’s Instant Replay Video

IR review wk 1

So this is my review of Simon Borg's review from week two action. These aren't even all of the controversial calls, just most of them. 1. Impact's Felipe deserved a red. Being apologetic doesn't get you out of a card Felipe. 2. Yep, Impact's Bernadello should have gotten a red instead of a yellow for his cheap swipe from behind. 3. Borg is wrong. Impact's … [Read more...]

Toronto FC Off-Season Summary

Toronto FC Offseason Summary

Toronto FC 2014 Preseason Basically, during this past preseason Toronto FC CEO Tim Leiweke went crazy spending tons of money and signing a bunch of new players, including three DPs. He tried make the world bend to his will and have four designated players, but it didn't work and Matias Laba was traded to Vancouver. I am writing this just after Defoe scored to solid goals in … [Read more...]

San Jose Off-Season Summary

sj sum

First, this is hilarious! This is a hilarious GIF of Victor Bernardez avoiding a cheek kiss. By the end he looks very uncomfortable.¬†Read more... Roster Changes San Jose can't afford to keep Steven Beitashour. Read more... Justin Morrow leaves as well. Read more... Marvin Chaves is traded for Atiba Harris. Read more... San Jose sign Brandon Barklage, Shaun … [Read more...]

US v. Ukraine Grades and Review

us v ukr

Background Information (Feel free to skip this) Ukraine defeated a squad of most of the US's European based players in Cyprus to a very small crowd. The match was originally scheduled to take place in Ukraine but due to internal politics between different factions that differed in opinion about whether or not they wanted more European Union or Russian involvement and aid in … [Read more...]

Try Fantasy Soccer Manager Without the Rules

Fantasy non-fantasy team

So, for all of you familiar with MLS Fantasy Soccer Manager the name of the game is picking a roster that will get you the most points. The rules of fantasy soccer do guide you to have a pretty good team that you might actually want to have on the field as a coach, but at the very least you can't have more than a few players from one team. I think that for the next couple of … [Read more...]