Try Fantasy Soccer Manager Without the Rules

So, for all of you familiar with MLS Fantasy Soccer Manager the name of the game is picking a roster that will get you the most points. The rules of fantasy soccer do guide you to have a pretty good team that you might actually want to have on the field as a coach, but at the very least you can’t have more than a few players from one team. I think that for the next couple of days while everyone has unlimited transfers to try to put together a team that you might actually have on the field as a coach. Would you just have everyone from your favorite team? Would you want to try to get a few players with nice intangibles? How would you balance youthfulness versus veteran experience? How would you keep it all under 120 million dollars? Which young, cheap talents would you put on the bench? Here is a team that I put together that I think would be awesome.

I have an obvious RSL bias. So, I would use a diamond with Beckerman in the back. He covers a lot of ground so you can commit others forward. Morales would be up top to pull the strings. Keane and Casey or Keane and Manneh would be great pairings. O’Neill and Parke would be solid center backs. Decent in the air and on the ground. Wingert and Jewsbury would be tough on defense, and both are willing to push forward at the right times. Fondy, Hairston, Allen, Palmer-Brown, and E. Miller.

Let me know what you think and share with me your own versions. You can hit reset without using any transfers and put everything back after you’re done. Try it out! It’s fun!

Fantasy non-fantasy team

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