Review of Borg’s Instant Replay Video

So this is my review of Simon Borg’s review from week two action. These aren’t even all of the controversial calls, just most of them.

IR review wk 1

1. Impact’s Felipe deserved a red. Being apologetic doesn’t get you out of a card Felipe.

2. Yep, Impact’s Bernadello should have gotten a red instead of a yellow for his cheap swipe from behind.

3. Borg is wrong. Impact’s Felipe totally dove and should have gotten a yellow.

4. Impact’s Mapp should have gotten a yellow and should have been disciplined. Another dive from Montreal. It looks like Mapp is anticipating the foul. If he had continued his run right and earned the foul he could of gotten a penalty kick.

5. How does Dom Dwyer not earn a penalty kick in this one? I’m not sure why people get saying the referees didn’t make themselves the story on the weekend. It seems like the referees are being talked about a lot, and they made and missed some big calls that affected games. What would a referee have to do to make themselves a ‘real’ story? Maybe if they trip someone to deny a goal scoring opportunity and said ‘oops’ that would have the referee’s actually be the story of the weekend.

6. What is with SKC’s Dwyer’s ninja kick on Seitz? I would think a soccer player would appreciate not getting cleated more than Dwyer apparently does. Kick the ball at the referee’s head, not the goalie. The ref is the one who made the bad call. Seitz almost gave Dwyer a free goal.

7. Borg must be blind because the footage is perfectly clear on SKC’s Peterson’s second possible penalty kick. He got nailed and should have gotten a penalty. He probably should have gotten a penalty when his arm got pulled on earlier, but referees seem to reward those who embellish unfortunately. That would seem to encourage diving.

8. What’s with punching by FCD’s Jair Benitez? How does he not get suspended while Dempsey does?

9. It seems like we are getting to know RBNY’s Armando very quickly, and what we have learned is that he is a dirty player. Great, the MLS definitely needs more of those (insert sarcasm here).

10. RBNY’s Olave fouled Benitez. The penalty was deserved. I could understand how Olave might have been trying to brace himself and hold his ground against the coming contact, but he was a bit over zealous.

11. Chivas’ Pelletieri gets the ball. It seems like it is the other guys fault that he put himself in that situation. If you’re not going to get to the ball first you might get hurt and sucks for you. Pelletieri wasn’t trying to step on the guy. I’m not sure why the disciplinary committee was particularly upset by this.

12. Vancouver’s Fernandez probably dove. It doesn’t look like anyone tripped him up.

13. Chicago’s Amarikwa played it masterfully and drew the penalty. Bad luck for Papparato, but it would have been weird if they didn’t call it.

14. Michael Harrington, you dirty rat. It does look like he purposefully raised his arm while in the box to deflect a cross.

15. Nyarko just takes out Portland’s Diego Chara. Sure, Chara might have had it coming from all the times Chara has done something similar, but Nyarko deserved what he got.

16. In the Philly v NE game that Farrell feel to hard to have just fallen by himself. I think Fernandez probably used his arm to give him an extra nudge in the back. Keep the shoving out of soccer please!

17. It looks like Berry fouled Bengston but the referee is too afraid to make the call.

18. Wondo was clearly offside for SJ’s first goal. That play should have died!

19. I don’t think the disciplinary committee needs to waste its time on wild, half-hearted swings of an arm that didn’t hit anything. Come on Simon!

20. Jackson should have gotten a red, and I can’t believe Jackson didn’t get a punishment dished out by the disciplinary committee.

21. Dempsey should have gotten a red for swiping Rey from behind. The referees need to help Dempsey out so he doesn’t feel like he has dish out vigilant revenge, and the disciplinary committee didn’t help things.

22. I’m not sure how Dempsey’s crotch tap sends bloom to the ground for so long. Sure, it hurts, but being balled up on the ground doesn’t make it feel any better. I doubt that Dempsey was trying to hit blooms arm away, but it did seem like bloom was staying awkwardly close to Dempsey’s back while the ball was dead. I would have won’t him to give me some more space too.

23. Bloom should have gotten the red against Neagle. I officially am not a fan of Bloom, whoever he is.

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