Does RSL Need a Throw-In Specialist?

According to an article produced by Opta, they do sports statistics, the MLS uses long throw-ins in the final third more than in other leagues. The results have been that long throw-ins produce more goals and goal scoring opportunities in the MLS. The accuracy isn’t higher because the defense in front of goal is general tougher, but the results are there. I understand that RSL is a possession oriented team. Bayern Munich is a similar team, but, as the article points out, they strategically pick and choose good moments to try to be more direct. Variety keeps the opponents guessing anyway.

I think that it would be good to have a player or players, probably our outside backs, train and practice to have long throw in as a weapon to use when the situation merits. Saborio and Sandoval are excellent targets in the air who can head the ball on frame, or they can head the ball to a teammate. The long throw-in might even be useful when a throw-in is gained in a good position after a corner while targets like Schuler and Borchers are up-field. Check out this goal that began with a relatively long throw-in from Beltran. When the ball is in dangerous spots good things happen.

Let me know what you think?




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