How Much Has the Brazilian Climate Affected Klinsmann’s Roster?

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Brad Davis's inclusion and the infusion of youth in Jurgen Klinsmann's 23-man roster could be potential explained by a healthy respect for the Brazilian climate's potential to impact a team's performance. Even though it will be winter time in Brazil everyone is planning on the heat and humidity of Brazil to play a significant role in the World Cup. The Brazilian players union … [Read more...]

What does the USMNT need to contain Cristiano Ronaldo?

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I thought about calling this 'Who does the USMNT need to contain Cristiano Ronaldo?', but, obviously, defense is a team effort. It is just as important to think about formation as to think about personnel.¬†Matthew Doyle thinks that Jurgen Klinnsman might man mark Cristiano Ronaldo, and he mentioned Maurice Edu as a candidate. Recently Landon Donovan was quoted as saying, … [Read more...]